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Professional Services

Workforce “warriors” are no longer behind corporate walls.  Sure, we all have anti-virus “armor” on the laptops.  But that does not protect well against drive-by banner ads, phishing emails, zero day attacks and other malware.  Most of today’s “armor” is ineffective as it relies on detection rather than isolation; and it requires constant updating. 

Think for a moment outside the box.  What if isolation was used instead of detection?  Imagine being able to virtually use a “new” laptop every time you browsed a web page or opened an email attachment.  When you move on to the next web site, you get another new virtual laptop and just throw the old one away!  That in effect is how Bromium works utilizing micro-VM instances.  Any drive-by, infected attachment, malware and YES - even a zero day attack is completely isolated within a micro-VM. DCi has a Bromium vSentry proof of concept starting with a professional services firm.

Case Studies: 

Global Bank

Investment Advisory Firm

Pioneer Investments



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